Practical Plant Nematology

Rosa H. Manzanilla y Nahúm Marbán

ISBN 9786077150787
[bba 34]

Tamaño 19x24 cms
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Año de publicación: 2012

BBA_34 - Practical Plant Nematology -imgPPALPlant-parasitic nematodes, often referred to as the ‘hidden enemy’, are responsible for major crop losses worldwide, both in commercial and subsistence agriculture. Unfortunately, this cryptic nature contributes to the reduced attention paid to these pests – they may even be excluded from major crop protection and plant breeding programs. The purpose of this book is to provide an introduction to practical plant nematology and is aimed at degree level and postgraduate students of agronomy, biology, extension, phytosanitation, and at other professionals involved in crop protection activities and plant disease diagnostics.

The book has three main sections. The first six chapters cover the biology, morphology, taxonomy and practical aspects of symptomatology, sampling, preparation and identification of nematodes using both classical and molecular approaches. The second part of the book comprises ten chapters and deals with the taxonomy, diversity and bionomics of the most economically important plant-parasitic nematode groups. Thirdly, the final seven chapters deal with the ecological (e.g., nematodes as bioindicators), biochemical and molecular processes involved in plant-nematode interactions, and with the chemical and non-chemical methods used to manage nematodes as part of an integrated pest management approach. Statutory measures dealing with quarantine issues and knowledge dissemination (farmer field schools and knowledge transfer) aspects are also included to demonstrate the need for a more holistic approach. Finally, a statistics chapter outlining the planning and analysis of experiments is provided, this being an area where many students frequently require advice and support.